Thursday, June 13, 2013

this one is called a mere thought..

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass by,
it's about learning how to dance in the rain....
stop and admire  the music that plays during
a storm. From the crashing of the lightening,
that can light up a dark sky with such magnificence.
To the rolling sound that thunder makes.
From a lite rain whispering so softly across 
a soaked field of wildflowers, or a down
pour so thick and loud can muffle out
the sounds of life, to the sound of a rain drop
hitting a still puddle of water.....
So instead of hiding from anything , even if its a storm
You can still hear the music to dance thru anything......
That is Life................

Some things I have wrote down...My ramblings..

Good day ya'll..been M.I.A.
Life never stops , however I'm still swimming with my head above water :) so I have been writing and drawing lately and wanted to share...enjoy :)

This one is called Collectiveness of Memories

Such a tremendous amount of memories,
that flood my mind as of late.
To the times when life was simple,
just me, friends and a riverbank..
The river was a place where I loved to
be. No one else will ever see, what those
days spent on my favorite riverbank has
meant to me...
For I keep them close, and rarely share
a time in my life that I felt was so rare...
Only the lucky few have shared this with
me, and those friends will always be...
For these memories I carry with me,
everyday and whatever tomorrow brings.
It's  just a Collectiveness of My Memories....

Sunday, April 21, 2013

             Sorry no post yesterday, had loads happen friday night and then into saturday and the biggest kicker was thursday to top today off by going to see Tampa Bay Devil  Rays vs Oakland Athlethics...The experience was amazing! I have never been inside a stadium before and this place was awesome.....The drive there  was long and the bridge,OMG! was long and then went up...I hate bridges....absolutely terified,so i drive onen eye opened and one eye Bree almost flipped out on was crazy......But it had an amazing view of beaches and blue waters  on both sides.....I'm so damn corny sometimes. anyway nothing new lately besides transportation anymore, have an offer on a car but not sure whats gonna's far and  feelin unsure right now on some issues keep going thru my head but hopefully it figures out for the best...well gotta soon:)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

    Well today started out fabulous like it has for few weeks now...except a few days outta the week isn't too bad..Better than nothin at  So i took another photo that i like, its not of me smiling but my eyes are sayin it it is...and i hope i have another great  good mornin beautiful to me:)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Just droppin in for a second to post a cover I made for my niece Alyssa...So it is kinda like mine....she loves me:) here it is:)
Now not for nothin or to toot my own horn but....(toot....toot) Do yall see what I mean by my creative and artistic  touch is slowly comin back....God I missed it.....well I'll be sharing much more of me and my creations and  maybe keep ya posted on my new adventures in life...:)

and I still need my I'm so hooked...........:)
Hello ....
    Well this is a first in many that I have felt the creative juices flowing like they have been over the last 2 or 3 weeks now. Strange how one small thing can happen and make ya feel like ur spinning outta control but yet feel so grounded.....weird?....I have been left breathless at times.......

But I feel amazing!....:)  and whatever it is , needs to hang around cause I really don't want it to change ....

But anywho changed my blog a lil, for the new me:) so  look out life!

it's a work in progress....maybe one day ....

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hello Life,
 I do not know what  Life has in store for me, but i will take it with a grain of salt, cross my fingers and hope that Life is not playin any games......(yeah

I hold alot of things close to me, in fear of being hurt or in fear of hurtin someone else's feelings, Lately my spirit has been takin a beating , but it will make me stronger and a better person for it...

I am not perfect and by far a saint....(actually....NOT!)

I just wish once Life would play fair............makes ya wonder what if?......