Sunday, April 21, 2013

             Sorry no post yesterday, had loads happen friday night and then into saturday and the biggest kicker was thursday to top today off by going to see Tampa Bay Devil  Rays vs Oakland Athlethics...The experience was amazing! I have never been inside a stadium before and this place was awesome.....The drive there  was long and the bridge,OMG! was long and then went up...I hate bridges....absolutely terified,so i drive onen eye opened and one eye Bree almost flipped out on was crazy......But it had an amazing view of beaches and blue waters  on both sides.....I'm so damn corny sometimes. anyway nothing new lately besides transportation anymore, have an offer on a car but not sure whats gonna's far and  feelin unsure right now on some issues keep going thru my head but hopefully it figures out for the best...well gotta soon:)

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